These plugins are free. They have been created as a labor of love. I started this around 2000, after seeing a demo of an early version of Cubase at NAMM which featured a new concept called Virtual Studio Technology. With VST, plugins running on a personal computer could process audio within a digital audio workstation application in real time. The idea of doing that kind of audio processing on a common desktop computer was revolutionary and I was enthralled. I wrote a series of VST effect plugins, then a VST virtual instrument called Crystal, which turned out to be quite popular. Shortly after that, I met Eric Persing and started writing virtual instruments for Spectrasonics. Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Trilian, and Keyscape followed. Through it all, I’ve tried to maintain that sense of wonder I felt when I first saw that Cubase demo at NAMM all those years ago.

– Glenn Olander